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Companions Can Only Have 1 Carryweight Bonus at a Time


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and it's BS!

I can't believe I never noticed this. I started using the "getav carryweight" command to monitor all my companions carryweight everytime I equip them with an item that increases their carryweight, and sure enough, a Fallout 4 vanilla companion can only receive ONE bonus at a time. The very next carryweight item u equip on them, will erase the bonus of the last item.

So I can equip a backpack, a satchel, and have "Deep Pocketed" upgrades on each piece of armor I wear, but my companions can only get one of those? Is it modded items? If I use vanilla armor pieces is it different? I'm not sure. It's almost as if the "enchantments" (as they're called in xEdit) have their own slot system.

Please...OOOOOOOO...please O Nexus, tell me there is a mod that changes this? lol Otherwise, Ima just go into xEdit, add ALLLLL the companions to a new esp of my creation and set their carryweight to a number it would be if I equipped the maximum number of carryweight increasing items on them and make that their base carryweight, all except for maybe the 50-100 bonus added by some backpack mods. That seems to be the quickest way around this. But has anyone ever heard of this being addressed in a mod?

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I don't watch their stats closely, but once noticed that weapon Ench cancels armor Ench, last equipped wins as i remember. Concept of a single Ench slot seems be sad true then. Spells/Abilities/Perks don't seem to have limitation, it might be convenient to make a Perk with all necessary Abilities, then add said Perk to Comps either in editor or in game, just without touching npc records.

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