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Curveset: The meaning of "Time" and "Value", in regards to editing an installed mod.


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I need help understanding the basics of Wolvenkit, but specifically the meaning of Curvesets when it comes to editing an installed mod.

I recently downloaded the HARDCORE.22 mod, and while I really like the mod and how it plays, I want to be able to make changes.

So I installed WK, and made it as far as to figure out where the Curvsets are, but I don't know what changing the "Time" and "Value" numbers do, 

or what they individually represent.



This led me to the Cyberpunk2077 Modding Community Discord Server, where I posed a similar question.

However, that question was met with an initial response, but no follow up when I provided further detail into what I was trying to do.


I ask whoever sees this that you please provide me with some understanding on how to simply edit an existing mod using curvsets,

or tell me how to differentiate between the "Time" and "Value" parameters in regards to what they affect in-game.


Below is an example CurveSetEntry for puppet_powerleveltohealth:



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