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Free Placement For Animals Mod?


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Hi! So I recently got into Planet Zoo and have been loving playing it. I know this is kinda weird but I've always wanted to make a 'reserve' type of thing where all animals are in one enclosure with each section tailored to what a particular type of animal, and they can all interact with one another. However, I've been having problems actually doing this because of the way the game forces the animals to have to be 'in an enclosure' and not allow you to place them anywhere the game doesn't think that is. Although there are ways I could get around this, they're kinda annoying to do, and also don't allow me to be able to actually care for the animals (as I would like to still have visitors/have the needs of the animals on). It would be really nice if someone made a mod that allowed animals to be placed anywhere, along with not have the workers simply drop them off at the entrance of the enclosure (maybe have it work like in JWE where the dinosaurs are dropped off at a certain point using a helicopter).

TL;DR: I think it'd be really nice if someone would create a mod that allows for animals to be placed anywhere on the map without it needing to be an enclosure. (I might try modding this myself if I get the time)

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