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SFSE Plugin Loader Error


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I didn't know where else to put this.  This involves SFSE, Address Library for SFSE Plugins and other mods.  All are up to date.   When I load Starfield with SFSE, I get the following error:


When you click the 'Yes' button it opens a Nexus page of Address Library for SFSE Plugins.  I looked at this page and it tells me nothing new.  I have updated this mod and still get this error.


When you click the 'No' button you get the following error page:


Address Library for SFSE Plugins, like I said twice before, is fully updated.  So, BakaKillMyGames.dll and ConsoleCommandRunner.dll, who are both up to date, shouldn't be up on this list.  Though the CCR mod is updated with Console Command Runner Updated mod.

I have no clue about what mod DEF_TOLS.dll is for.  po3_HoldToEquip.dll, shouldn't be up there, because I deleted that mod from MO2. I don't know why  po3_SimpleOffenseSuppression.dll is up there because Address Library is updated and so  is the Simple Offense Suppression mod. 

SFPluginsTxTEnabler.dll is up there for some reason that I don't know.  Don't we need the Plugins.txt Enabler mod.  Same with sfse_plugin_console.dll.  I am not sure, but wouldn't the plugin console be with the Plugins.txt Enabler mod?

StreamlineNative.dll is unchecked in my MO2, so it shouldn't be up there. 


Clicking the 'Yes' button here closes the error message and the SFSE launcher.  Clicking the 'No' button starts the game.


When I play the game and then exited, the ConsoleCommandRunner.log only showed the version number as and I loaded the Console Command Runner Updated mod which is version 1.3.1.  This was corroborated when I checked the console Command in the game and there was nothing put there from CCR.  


Is there any way I can stop this error message and get the game running properly with the mods.

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Nice detailed post you wrote (no sarcasm, it's a good thing). 🙂 

1) What is your game version? (Right click on Starfield.exe or check it in the main menu).

2) In the main menu, what is the exact SFSE version? (You can also use the console command GetSFSEVersion to see it).

3) What is the file name of the Address Library (.bin) file? Is it in Starfield/Data/SFSE/Plugins?

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1) Game Version

2) SFSE Version: 0.2.0, release idx 8, runtime 01080560

3)  OK, I looked at the explorer page of the Address Library and found these files in both Starfield/Data/SFSE/Plugins and MO2 folder mods/Address Library for SFSE Plugins/SFSE/Plugins.  Here they are in order:










Two things I am unsure of in this list for Address Library. First is the ...-1.bin files: I don't know if they are duplicates or not.  And second, I am not sure if I am supposed to have just one file.

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For your game version, you need to make sure the file "versionlib-1-8-86-0.bin" is in your SFSE/Plugins folder as well (or wherever the actual SFSE plugins, the .dll files are. I'm not familiar with MO2).

The "-1.bin" files come with the Address Library too. They're for Microsoft Store version of the game.

Download the Address Library manually and extract the files to the folder where the SFSE plugins are (for me it's Starfield/Data/SFSE/Plugins).

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I copied the "versionlib-1-8-86-0.bin" from the mod folder .  Apparently, it didn't copy over the files.  I now don't get the first error message, but the second is popping up and shows this:




As you can see that a lot is gone from the first version of this error.  I have noticed a problem with my MO2.  I checked the version of the ConsoleCommandRunner.dll.  The version of that .dll file is, the version of the original CCR mod.  However, in the mod folder of the CCR Updated, the version is  It seems that MO2 isn't updating the mods.  MO2 version is up to date, so I don't know what is going on.

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I don't know why MO2 doesn't update them but I've never used it myself to be honest. You'll need to update these plugins for game version v1.8.86 to make this error message disappear. Manual download and copy paste to the folder where "versionlib-1-8-86-0.bin" is should fix it. Many of the plugins are "v1" according to the plugin handler which are probably for earlier game versions.

By the way, many SFSE plugins have a hardcoded version control like { RUNTIME_VERSION_1_8_86, 0 } to prevent earlier/later/simply other game versions from loading them to avoid breaking things. When a new game version is released, memory addresses (that acts as a reference point at the minimum) change and plugins need to be updated. SFSE plugins that rely on the Address Library may or may not need to be updated, it depends on how the plugin was coded.

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I'm not using any mod manager so I unfortunately I can't help with uninstalling them.

(I make mods, both .esm and script extender (SE) plugins and they require frequent manual activation-deactivation, custom script and build environment, etc.. a mod manager would slow down the process. I'm not alone with this I'm sure 🙂).

So I can only say making a backup of the mod files before attempting to remove a software which might remove them (it really does? I didn't know) reduces the possibility of unwanted data loss.

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