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Modding Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign


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Since there isn't corresponding subforum, I'm leaving this here.

PLease, i need help!


How to PROHIBIT district spawning if certain conditions are met? 

In the game, the accessibility/inaccessibility of an district is regulated using "requires". Looks like that:

def SeaShoreDistrict : District
    requires { Coastal }



The most obvious way doesn't work for some reason ( requires { !Coastal } ). Why? I tried many different ways, but did not achieve the desired result.



How to add a new type of settlement to the map? Such as Village, Farm or Keep. In the file Def/settlement.def, in general, only the chances of spawning, the ProvinceFeatures dependency and other little things are described. But the paths to textures and models are not written that way. Adding a new type of settlement to this file does not cause it to appear on the game map. Probably the map generation is described in another file in the root folder of the game.

In addition, textures seem to be disabled for coastal settlements. How to enable them? At some point of the game's development, it seems that textures were turned on and coastal settlements could be seen on the map.



Is there a way to prevent upgrades from spreading to all buildings? I want every building in every town to have to re-build an upgrade.

I have no idea at all how this can be done. This mechanic is probably written in the files in the root package of the game. Then please tell me how to modify the files in the root folder (so that you can add them to the mod).



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