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Errors with automatically Sorted & Locked load order. Please allow us to unlock and lock Mod load order ourselves.


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The recent change to the load order system in BG3 where it auto sorts and locks certain mods in your load order has caused severe issues resulting in crashes and other compatibility issues. 

Just like the LOOT system for Skyrim is far from infallible, we cant have hard-coded auto locked mods for load orders in BG3.   "Auto-Sorters" should be a "suggestion" not hard coded "Law" because mods and the modding community are constantly shifting, evolving and changing with every day.  One day's load order might completely be invalidated by tomorrow's update. 

For instance in the image below it's loading  Mod fixer and Improved UI assets before Improved UI which is causing crashes on character respec.   Improved UI is also not locked which is shows inconsistency with the auto-sorting logic. 


The correct load order for those files should be the exact opposite  and considering "Improved UI" is also an override it should also be locked based upon the logic of why the other 2 mods were locked. 

The solution:

 Please allow us to Unlock and Lock mods in our load order ourselves.   That's all that's needed.   The auto-sorter can still do it's thing but by allowing us the ability to unlock and lock our own load order it allows us to correct auto-sorter mistakes in real time and prevent load order changes in the future.   That way Novice modders will still get the benefits of the auto-sorter doing the heavy lifting/thinking for them but should they run into an issue they can still correct it themselves through the help of the veterans/experts in the community.

Please consider adding this functionality for Skyrim as well because the drag and drop loading order of BG3 is one of the key missing aspects of Skyrim modding.   Drag and drop as well as custom/manual load order management is a STAPLE feature in every other mod manager.  Please implement it in Skyrim as well. 

Thank you for your time. 


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