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I can't start a new game after disabling all mods


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Let me preface this by saying I have no experience with modding (as in, I made this account just to post this), so let me know if there's more information you need or an easy fix I missed. I share a PC with someone, and a few days ago they started to mod BG3. I didn't have any trouble with it at first-- I just disabled the mods when I was playing and it still let me load my saves normally. Today, though, I tried to start a new game, and instead of the character customizor it showed a field similar to the background in the customizor with 8 male bodies and a Durge standing on wooden platforms. I was looking at it from the isometric perspective of BG3, and I could control the characters to punch or shove or such. I have a screenshot here: https://imgur.com/j10JDct

The mods are Mod Fixer, Tav's Hairpack, ImprovedUI, Purchasable Camp Clothes and Undies - All-in-One, Extra Dyes for the Fashionable Folk of Faerun - AstralSprout's Extra Dyes - Bundle Version, Extra Gear, Whispers of the Divine - Aasimar Race, and LSLib/Divine Tool for Nexus. On the BG3 Mod Manager, it's DiceSet_06, Honour, Tav's Hairpack - Icon Patch, Tav's Hairpack, Extra Gear, Whispers of the Divine: Aasimar (Race), and ImprovedUI. There's also ModFixer on the Mod Manager, but it's in the Overrides section and doesn't have the Add to Load Order button when I right click it. A screenshot of Nexus and the Mod Manager are here: https://imgur.com/a/WrDotpU

Any advice on how to fix this would be appreciated, and again, let me know if there's any other information needed for a fix.

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Hey there!
From the looks of it I think it's being caused by the overrides (the mods you see in light brown -Modfixer- and -ImprovedUI-) these will affect your game even if they are not on the load order, you can try deleting them and see if it works.
Click with the right mouse button > Delete Mod:


Then tick the "Permanent" box at the bottom > Delete:


And try starting a new game.

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