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Mod Manager Shows Two 'Mods' That Don't Exist


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Hey, so I had launched Laughing Leader's Mod Manager earlier today to update my mods. After going through that, starting up my game, my game wouldn't even load after I chose the 'yes' to the missing mods message. So, I went back to the Mod Manager and just decided to keep adding mods to start a new game file (It seems I can never get past Act 1 because my mods always break my game..) 

Well, I went away for a few hours and came back to my computer which had seemed that it just updated, but no biggie right? I relaunched Mod Manager and go these extra mods added, which make no sense. 



They immediately were on the inactive mods and I was so confused. Upon trying to delete, I couldn't delete them, nor view them in the file as they didn't exist (according to the Mod Manager.) When I inspected further I saw this: 


I probably will look further into my game files and do a file health check at this point. Has anyone else encountered such an error? If they have please let me know! 

Edit: Okay, DiceSet_06 exists as: DiceSet06 and it's a RAR File, not a pak.., but that Honour 'mod' doesn't exist. And I'm completely stumped on what to do. 

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