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Lathander Quest Bug Fix?


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As some of you guys may be aware, there is a bug in the game despawning characters during the final part of the lathander quest.

For those unaware: When wrapping up destroying the generators for the Lance in the Monastery there is a chance a character of yours permanently dissapears. Now during a regular playthrough this would not matter whatsoever, however if you add honour mode to the mix you may see how it can become and issue.

I have run through the game up to that point twice as I did not understand how the bug operates at the first time. 

On my first playthrough it was my assumption that the character that has not acted during the turn you finish the generators gets removed. (First attempt it was Leazel)

Second time getting there I acted on all characters before wrapping up having my Dark Urge MC despawn leaving me with just Shadowheart in my party. (Working theory now is that only the center piece of the platform is safe, standing on the edge causes the despawn)


Iam feeling a bit demotivated to continue/start over and was wondering if there is any mod magic to be done to fix the situation in post. The nearest savestates I have are right after the character dissapeared in camp.


Peace, Schared

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