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New Worldspace Mod - LOD cares about load order?


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7 hours ago, OpalEyedFan said:

Are you saying a new version of Tes4Gecko is coming? I'm currently using windows 8.1 and would I then have to invest in windows 10/11 for the new version? (yep I'm a dinosaur)

Yes. The only limitation is that it will be 64 bit. It might even run on Windows 7, although we haven't tested that yet. We actually have an old PC still running Windows 7...

7 hours ago, OpalEyedFan said:

Also I wonder, (and I did my best to try to understand  everything in InsanitySorrows guide that you linked to,) if I have a mod with new landmass but it has no LOD for the new landmass for whatever reason, would I still benefit from using the move landmass function in Gecko?

Yes. You'll need to generate the LOD. Here's the CS wiki article on doing that in the CS. Even if you use TES4LL, you'll probably find that article helpful - I know I have. Also if you generate it with the CSE, you don't need to worry about the bugs the article talks about - the CSE fixes them. The CSE will generate the LOD a lot faster as well.

7 hours ago, OpalEyedFan said:

What if I distribute the mod as an ESM istead of an ESP, would I still have to "move landmass" in Gecko to ensure that anyone can enjoy it "straight out of the box" or  is ESM different in that aspect?


I'm a huge fan of Tes4Gecko but this confuses me  🙂

Actually if it's an ESP, you don't need to move the worldspace. It's only ESM's that have that issue. However, if your plugin is an ESP, then you can't edit cell 3,3 due to another bug. If you have edited cell 3,3 in an ESP, then you must use EngineBugFixes to fix it and your users will too. It doesn't matter that it's a separate worldspace. Bethesda left some odd code in the game and it breaks the local map if cell 3,3 has been edited, no matter the worldspace. EBF explains it.

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