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Black head (uv normal map?) when exporting heads in Blender. HELP!


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The short of it is this:

When I export a .blend head with the DOS2/BG3 Collada, the head appears in game with weird black textures on their face:


The kicker is that this happens to ANY head I export. I have tested it where other people export the same .blend file on their own computers and it turns out great (I copied the exact same settings and also add-ons and same blender version 3.6) but when I export it, it looks like this.
ALSO, if I simply import a .blend file of a head and immediately re-export it without making ANY changes, the face looks like the image above, yet again. 

I am not well versed in Blender at all, but I was told it might be the "UV normals"? I tried a bunch of settings, flipping them not flipping them, etc but always it looks f*#@ed.

Anyone got any ideas?

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