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Modded Game Crash Troubleshooting


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Hello everyone,

After the 5.0 Patch I started up a new playthrough with the modlist/load order attached to this post.

The game was stable throughout all of Act I, with a singular exception. The modlist had both the Script Extender Achievment Enabler and the independent Achievment Enabler Mod (a relic of old modlists from prior patches, where only the SE wasn't working properly for me). Having both mods makes the game not boot reliably, the process will start, but takes no CPU/GPU load and doesn't actually do anything. I can get the game to boot under this configuration, but it often takes 20+ attempts of killing the process in task manager and attempting to run the game again.

After uninstalling the independent mod, I started getting extremely frequent crashes, so I reinstalled the independent mod and set it to "Disabled" in Vortex (I use Vortex for most installations and BG3MM to manage the load order and actually run the game). Using this configuration, I was able to play through the latter half (or third) of Act I without a single crash.

After reaching Act II, I had a couple of crashes during companion conversations, but they were separated by a few hours, without any other commonalities. Since reaching the more populated areas of Act II (Moonrise, Reithwin, and Last Light), I'm receiving much more frequent crashes without any commonalities, sometimes just exploring, some during combat, and some during conversations or cutscenes. I have all types of logging enabled in BG3MM; however, the SE runtime logs don't appear to have any relevant information towards the crashes and the Osiris logs are completely empty.

Edit: After the most recent game hotifx, I have updated a number of mods which I had left untouched due to the file loading problem. After updating these mods, I do not seem to be experiencing crashes during exploration or combat anymore (I've only played a little bit, so this is a preliminary conclusion as of writing) but I am still receiving crashes during dialogue or on the quest reward screen immediately after dialogue. The logs remain unhelpful in narrowing a probable cause.

If anyone is able to provide any insight towards this problem, I'd be greatly appreciative.

Thanks all.


QoL & E + CO v2.json

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Update to most current load order. Changed post formatting a bit and updated some more recent info as well.
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