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Brothers in Arms - Triss bug?


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Hi every1, This is my first time creating post bcs i dont know what to do rn 

Maybe some of u will know how to fix my problem, so im in kear morhen rn and my quest is Brothers in Arms. i have done every1 except Triss im asking her for help and shes telling me she need help also, but i cant do s#*! 

i can only ask her: whats's up and smth like that. ATTENCION - i have done vegelbud quest with her i mean this party before kaer morhen and i dont know how to get her on kear morhen fight, can some1 help me with that 

i have tried changing time and teleporting away and going again and nothing works 

and right now im in novigrad with Brothers in Arms quest and point with "Help triss do her stuff" so yeah going to triss dont work :// thats my 1st time with bug or not bug like this spending 350h in tw3

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