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Creation Kit 2.0 Skyrim-SE-AE CK will not load After Last Update

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So, I''ve been using 2.0 since the advent of SE, and most issues have been easy fixes over the years. Including a similar error as the one I'm getting. This one seems to be a variation on the theme haveing to do with the DLL files that reside in the primary Skyrim folder. the actual error is,


The procedure entry point SteamUser could not be located in the dynamic link library (and then the link to the folder)


I've tried verifying the installation and all other known fixes to this issue but no go, I even copied the dll from a Skyrim backup I have made before the installation of AE and the CK opened but then I got an entirely different error.

So I let Steam verify the game files and it replaced the DLL and I ended up at square 1.  When I updated the game with the last Steam update, I replaced all the mods,  SKSE, all mods affected by it and the  Papyrus tools needed to be updated to match the new game version. The game runs fine and Race Menu and all other mods seem to be working. The only issue is with the CK.

If anyone knows of or has had this issue as well after the last update and knows a fix, please either PM me or answer here. I Would appreciate it since I'm in the middle of a few very large Mods I'm working on and need to finish them for release.




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Might be a little late for a reply but in case if you haven't yet fixed the issue or if someone else doesn't find all the other fixes working, I'll post my fix here.

The only solution to work for me was to get a steamless version of CreationKit that was specific for my version of Skyrim. In my case that's 1.6.353.
I found a guide on how to do it here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/200462-skyrim-ae-16353-ck/

I really hope this helps someone.

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Here's a long needed update to this post, been kind of busy. I eventually looked in  the editor error log and there is only on sentence and it's this.


"MASTERFILE: File Skyrim.esm is a higher version than this EXE can load.
Unable to find masterfile: Skyrim.esm"


AS I have noted I've been running 2.0 CK the last version that was available on the Bethesda client before they got rid of it. If you go to the CK page on their wiki there is no information what so ever and I haven't seen any viable updates for the SKyrim CK to address this issue. If anyone knows of one please post it here. I've seen lots of fixes for this issue but most of them are band aides and don't seem to work for most people.

Thanks, Rado

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@RadoGamer You could try reinstalling the CK from Steam instead.  It will be under either Software or Tools in the Steam client, if you check those in the pulldown in your library.

(Pulldown pic in the spoiler:)




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