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Baldur's Gate 3, LSLib/Divine Tool, External\gplex Location


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ok, 1st of all I'm rarely on the forums so I apologize if this is in the wrong place, much has changed since I was last here and I found it very confusing. I WAS searching the bg3 forum for help. ANYWAY, I got bg3 for Christmas & was modding it, vortex said I needed a few things, ok thats fine. 1 thing I had to get was the divine tool (again no issue) the ISSUE is vortex started screaming at me that I needed 2 extra files from a website (blue pop-up)  [ https://github.com/Norbyte/lslib ] so I downloaded the files at the bottom & all I'm told is (for 1 of them) extract it to the {External\gplex\ directory } WTH IS External\gplex? & do I even need it & its friend? unless I want to create mods. (I don't intend to) so I searched my PC for every relevant word/combination I could think of (bg3 and Larian too) so I turned to Google & all I found were more people confused & no answers. so I turn to you guys, please help me. do I even need these 2 files? Every YouTube video I watch that downloads the divine tool doesn't even MENTION these files. if not that would be awesome & I may do a happy dance lol

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