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BG3's Ending, possible implementation of a tool like DAO toolset down the line?


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I'm posting my thoughts on a change for the BG3 ending. Now, Larian may change things around with a future patch or the Definite Edition or even give us another option. If not, I'm curious if they'll release something similar to the DAO toolset or some brilliant modder will create a tool like the Legendary Explorer for ME since Larian is very community-friendly, much like old-school Bioware used to be. 

This tool would allow modders to make immense swaths of content for the BG3, like the Expanded Galaxy mod for ME or Dark Times for DAO. Thereby creating an alternate ending for BG3, either talking the Emperor into staying or, in my preference, making an option for Omeluum to aid the party or leaving it as is for players that enjoyed the mindflayer ending. A thought for something likely way down the line since the ending leaves a sour taste in my mouth, and I would love another option. 

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