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Help about a translation mod.


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Hello, a few years ago I've installed the mod Morrowind_PTBR and begun playing, my PC crashed, I was able to backup my savegame but not the entire game, in fact I don't remember why I've backed up only the savegame and not all the files.

So, my problem is that I went back to playing the game with the old savegame, I've reinstalled some mods that I was using, but I don't need the translation anymore, even that time I didn't need it but was supporting the hard work of the community and now I discovered some problems, the missions that I did and were translated(the mod wasn't complete) appear in the active missions list, also the mod doesn't allow me increasing my ranking in the guilds, I meet all the atributes required to do it.

Can these problems be solved?

Will quests that were translated but I didn't have finished and missions I don't have started will be afected? Like crashing or not allowing me finishing or even starting them?

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