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Notes here under some possibly efficient  order! 😀




Shandy, Sherry, Shimmy, Shorey, Shurly


Charles Le'Nerd, Gavag, Machomuch, Professor Sagesmart, Rattanboy


Amphibioto, Dogmet, Gunclawdus, Stanley, Wingfastus


Batmanbot, Cybergirlie, MrCarryon, See3pio, Trieyebot


Airius, Fireini, Earthus, Electria, Waterari


Gunslingerjo, DocSmith, TechiSue, Junglejane, Sherlockmar



- Brothers of Steel (Brothersisterhood)
- Sisters of Steel (Brothersisterhood)

Misfits of Steel

Mutants of Steel

Outcasts of Steel

Robots of Steel (what else would they be made of?)


CSDC, Crime SyndicatesDC

Syndicates Council DC

- Assassins

- Mercenaries (military)

- Paramercenaries (paramilitary-security)

- Slavers

- Smugglers

- Corruptors

- Thieves

- Spies

- Miscellaneous


Reregulators DC


U6N, United Six Nations of the Leader Family

Kingdom of King Joe

Queendom of Queen Nancy

Commonwealth of Prime Minister Pattie

Republic of President Dave

Collective of Premier Karl

Commune of Hippy Guru Sandy

Also Neutral Zone of Guardian Bruce


United Settlements Union DC, the USUDC (the name was meant to heavily emphasis the need for true unification).

- Minuteman Service, of the USUDC. being a militia service with a regular core surrounded by part time irregulars and more casual volunteers. Often ended up helping to deal with emergencies such as fires, floods, cats up in trees, radroach infestations, assisting USUDC law enforcers and lonely widows.

- Law Network of the USUDC as sheriffs, marshals, rangers etc.

USUDC Settlements







- Techshelter001DC (Display Visitors Museum Techshelter liked to Techvault001C)

- Techvault001DC (Display Visitors Museum Techvault liked to Techshelter001C)

- Techvault083DC (supermutants etc.)

- Techvault101DC (isolation experiment etc.)



Beyond DC!?


NEC, New English Commonwealth




Umbcorp (Umbrella Corporation)


Ghoulash Empire


NRU, New Republics Union.

NCR, New Calibraskan Republic

NVR, New Virginian Republic


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[1.1][0001] Gamer Team Players of Steel Entering Fallout Gameworld

The 20 of them had chosen their characters, basic skill sets, perks, attributes, and bonuses. In light hazardous travel power armour suits, or LHTPASTs, they materialised in an active teleportation reception chamber, TRC, as might be expected to happen in that gameworld. Except that, as accurate as that place looked by local standards, it was not quite fully in the gameworld but at its very fringe. Only 14 of them were openly there, at that time, in a fully visible and touchable fashion; not that anybody should dare touch any of them without permission for that would display both poor manners and a low survival logic; or at least that was true for many. That is there were five women, five men, two animals and two robots; three animals, and three robots, were stored away in a very exotic fashion.

Shandy sighed. "Fluorescent glowing bananas, is that really Fallout cannon?" She looked at the great clump of them hanging from the superconcrete ceiling above the Banana Surprise Kiosk which advertised 'we have every flavor you can imagine as long as it is banana."

Sherry frowned. "I am not much into banana even if it is advertised as a closing down half price special as displayed on a suspiciously permanent looking sign; seems they have been closing down for a very long time considering how rusty the sign is."

The 14 moved further into the chamber where seemingly seminaked android servants served people at tables, but how naked is an android with its synthetic skin and flesh?

Gavag frowned lightly but he most frowned in some way so this was nothing new. "So we begin our search for the deepest meaning of life."

Dogmet, the highly intelligent and canny cyborg dog, snorted derisively. "Yeh,  right! What we want is adventure, loot, fame, more loot, power, more loot, awards, even more loot and so forth including, yes, loot."

Yet they knew they had a secret agenda that hid an even more secret one and perhaps more than that as the whole truth was hidden from them though it was deep in their own minds; thankfully they also had a shallow, obvious, agenda or so they all considered.

Shimmy sighed. "Oh really Dogmet you are a very naughty boy always trying to get my attention for more tummy rubbies and huggies."

Dogmet looked just a little nervous as he tried, unsuccessfully, to hide behind Gavag's armoured legs.

Shurly laughed softly and then did the other quintuplet Shonny. The five femmes made up, together, one fifth of the Players of Steel with their not so imaginary team name; or was it their true name? 😋 Yes it was!

Stanley, the cyborg gorilla, grunted showing mild excitement; he could talk but he mostly grunted but made up with it by having a wide, and versatile, range of grunts.

There were two robots and four other men being Charles Le'Nerd, very overdone muscular Machomuch, cunning Rattanboy and haughty Professor Sagesmart; despite this they were actually good gamer comrades who had over imagined their characters.

Shandy, despite her sweet name, was team leader. She spoke clearly, strongly, determinedly but somehow could not stop sounding sweet no matter how much she tried. "Now we hire a set of rooms, to rest in from the realities transferal, then we go shopping. Shimmy, please leave Dogmet alone for he needs to sleep just as the rest of us do."

Shimmy tried to look innocent and, being Shimmy, naturally enough did a very good job of it.

PS: Back soon with a new post!

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[1.2][0002] Gamer Team Players of Steel Entering Fallout Gameworld (Direct continuation of post before this one) ➡️

See3peio was a floating globe, of one of the Steel Players' (easier term to use than Players of Steel) robots, being lifted by cool fanjets. Its multiple cameras, microphones, scanners and sensors were complimented by laserguns and minimissile launchers.

Batmanbot was a tall, elegantly, golden-silvery, gentleman robot named after a type of British personal male manservant of the late 19th Century, a batman. He had a bowler hat, a briefcase and an umbrella of which all were far more than what they seemed to be on the surface.

They both carefully examined the robotics, and related items, on the table.

See3peio buzz talked excitedly. "Toy robot! Want toy robot!"

Batmanbot smiled patiently and spoke in the same manner. "That is an eyebot but you could use one with its 3Dcamera and lasergun. We will need to get some related items with it. That, over there, is a tiny robot, a miniature protectron and that one there, is another, being a NukaCola bottle with arms, legs and a smiley face as a toy NukaColabot. You can have all three, if you wish, my handsome friend."

The big display table had plenty of brand new and second hand items; but all were in very good condition and reasonably priced by Fallout standards.

See3peio: "Yes, yes, want all three of them, beloved Batmanbot!"

Batmanbot tried not to look embarrassed and, being a metal robotic, did a very good job of it. He spoke to the halfghoulman behind the bar, the left side half of her being ghoulman woman and the right side being radhuman. The ghoulification effect had been most odd, at times, in its results. He went to give his order but she was already putting the three items into a sturdy shoulderbag; she followed this with a squat, tracked, toy spacerobot of the type twice sent to Luna and once to Mars. "No extra charge for the shoulderbag or the extra toy but it would be a nice gesture if you put in a good word to the market manager about me and my stall."

Batmanbot went to correct her bad grammar  but then thought better of it. "Thank you, my good woman, of course we will put a good word in for you."

She laughed and then shook her head. "Name is Henrietta despite the name, of this stall, being Harold's Robotic Savings Stall . He was my father but he died during the 'Intrusion' when somehow three intruders got in despite that being supposedly impossible. One got away, into the Fallout Gameworld, one was killed in the fighting and one was wounded; he was questioned but knew nothing useful about the escaped one; he was executed!"

Batmanbot nodded, solemnly, which was easy for him to do. "Yes, one has recorded data on the Halfway Intrusion that saw the deaths of eight locals, two players and the one intruder. We must return to our companions but do not be surprised if we come back for more robots and-or accessories."

Henrietta sort of smiled, her face crinkling up in the effort to do so. "That would be excellent, big boy? Maybe you could later show me if you have any special, secret, assets of special interest."

Not only did Batmanbot get away from there faster, than he had previously intended to, while trying to hide the fact but he had then had to carefully explain to See3peio what the woman had been talking about, which was not easy due to his naive core nature.

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[1.3][0003] Gamer Team Players of Steel Entering Fallout Gameworld (Direct continuation of post before this one)

Guns, sleepfoldovers, ammo, knives, buzzbows, shockforks,  stimpaks, med-X, inflatable head cushions, scan-binoculars, and more did they buy before settling down for one more meal at the All U Can Eat Cafe. There they ate spaghetti meatballs with vegetables, buttered slices of multigrain bread, fruit salad with fresh cream and coffee with yet more fresh cream. Well, except for the robots that is.

A Wastelands bard sang a ballad about a half blind ghoulman man and his search for his missing half sight.

Shimmy sighed. "What a sad song!"

Rattanboy grinned but was too cunning to say anything stupid; anyway he really did not want to get Shimmy deep upset with him, again, and throw him across the room. Only his amazing reflexes, and agility, had stopped him from getting badly hurt but hitting a wall had stung anyway.

Shandy smiled at her quintuplet sister. "Shimmy, you are so wonderfully caring."

Gavag sighed before the SQuins got too sugary sweet and spoke. "Where are we destined to go first?"

Shandy responded, giving Gavag an odd smile that made him slightly nervous. "What a wonderful question! The domed town of Megaton is our first destination though we will materialise not far from it inside an abandoned, largely destroyed, former US Army bunker."

Gavag dared to ask. "Are you sure it is abandoned?"

Shandy's smile ebbed a little. "Of course I am, sweetie."

Gavag smiled richly, deciding that further daring would be dangerous. "Of course what you say is true." Even as he spoke he wondered how he could be better prepared just in case she was wrong which, unfortunately, had been the case a few times before.

Professor Sagesmart spoke with some hubris, of course. "I wonder how the other 10 are doing in the Sanctumary."

He meant the five elementals and the five androids.

Shurly responded. "They are working on a range of projects for the sake of  the team including improving the Sanctumary itself in a few ways. Of course the permanents are helping." She meant those who never left Sanctumary unless under extreme conditions.

There was no need to add that the 14 of them would need to send special resources to Sanctumary in a transdimensional way that would multiply them but that could only be done from certain, geographical, sites in the Fallout Gameworld. They had sent a few items, from that halfway zone, that had multiplied x2+ giving those at the other end very much that was useful.

The bard finished his song and the SQuins were the only ones to give him EIDs (Emergency Issue Dollars) as hard enduring, very hard to forge, coins and cards. Of course they had given him over double what he normally would, that is each one of them, so he walked away with a mixed expression of shock and gratitude; it seemed not everybody viewed his music as being very wonderful.

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[2.1][0004] Gamer Team Players of Steel Entering WashingtonDC.

It was an irony that they came into the WastelandsDC by entering a fairly desolate classroom in a large senior high school.

Rattanboy grinned. "Reminds me of the classrooms I attended when I grew up in the slums of Numbers City."

Shandy sighed. "No sarcasm in the classroom!" She looked around at the toppled over furniture, the few skeletal remains that were there and the broken, rusting, teacher's assistant robot squatting in the corner. Considering the failures, of the Teachertron robots, chances were that it had been there before Doomsday. On the old fashioned type chalk, was written the single word 'detention'. Which explained why there was but one dead teacher and a very few students. That is except for the body-armoured, and armed, school security guard who probably had been standing close  to the normal door and not the emergency escape one.

They picked up just a few bits of loot like a wristcomputer, a pumpshotgun (pump-action shotgun) hidden in the teacher's desk, another pumpshotgun with the long dead guard, a variety of small, nonmetal, melee weapons from the students, a roboteddybear, pencils, some solid currency including EIDs and not much else. Taking up a mobile phone quickly showed a lack of signal, which was no surprise, but they kept it anyway.

Sherry touched the broken robot and it shimmered softly to become not only brand newish but upgraded in varied ways; missing parts were replaced. They loaded it up with textbooks, LTCs (Laptop Computers), more stationary, other small solidstate devices and even junk food once confiscated from the students. Some footwear and shoes were added to go to Sanctumary. With a soft shimmering the Teachertron, and all stored in it, vanished away. When they reached Sanctumary they would be multiplied by three and everything would be as good as new. The unhealthy junk food would be recycled instead of eaten.

Shimmy sighed. "Washington Central High was the senior high school with the very worst reputation in WashingtonDC if not in the whole of the USA. At least we should get some good loot here to send back to you know where and otherwise to use directly or as tradegoods. Maybe we could send items to identify people and perhaps, if 'they agree to it', bring back people  from DNA samples like skeletal remains."

So they sent two school backpacks back to Sanctumary with pieces of bone, ID-passes, internal passports, driver's licenses, school student security bracelets as once locked to their arms, and the teacher's wallet that had typical wallet items but also some business cards to some very unusual establishments. Other  items were added before all of it was vanished away to this time be multiplied again by three by the time they reached their target destination.

They would have been glad to get out of that classroom, with its feelings of BMS (bad mad sad), except that they were just entering another part of the same type environment.

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[2.2][0005] Gamer Team Players of Steel Entering WashingtonDC. (Direct continuation of post before this one)

Behind the bars were long dead students but no signs of clothing except for decaying underwear and their were no signs of footwear having been there. There was a half built, crude brick wall made up of oversized, much heavy, bricks. In long dried blood, on one dusty white wall, were written two lines; the one, above, read 'hey, teachers, leave us kids alone!' and the one, below, was 'all in all its just more bricks in the wall'.

Shandy frowned, hard, which for her was a scowl. "The brick walls were completed and then dismantled, by the students, who then had to build it again. The school establishment was trying to break the spirit of the students but why try so hard?"

There was a ceiling hardstungun turret in each of two ceiling corners that also had 3Dcameras and 3Dcameras; there were other turrets, in the other ceiling corners. with multiple scanners and sensors. The security, of that senior high school, was proving to have been extremely hard but why?

More than a clue, to what had really been going on, was a rather basic 2Dposter on one wall that classified the different genetic inherited threat tags of students. There were words like 'beserker', 'sexker', 'dementker' and others of which a student could have more than one of and often did so.

Shurly sighed. "The FEV variants at work again."

Professor Sagesmart added a few words but, for once, did not sound smug. "As mixed into a cocktail of other negative influences be that chemical, biological, radiation or...." He shrugged. "Doomsday is a mystery, as you know, but largely so are the decades leading up to it."

From the death remains, of three security guards, and two autopistol armed teachers, they took an autocarbine, a pumpshotgun and a telescopic handled shockbident; as the Ancient Greek God, Hades, carried a bident were two pronged cousins to three pronged tridents but a shockbident user used electricity against a target. They just gathered together skeletal remains, remains of gear once worn, and devices needing to be seen to, plus other items, and 'sent the lot' to the Sanctuary. This time all was multiplied by three or so feedback informed them. Then, on a whim, they sent the bricks that were also multiplied by three as they went down a kind of 'transdimensional slope' gathering energy that would be converted, at the finish, into duplicated, refreshed, items. The multiplication factor, at any given time, relied on the actual 'steepness and power' of the transdimensional slope that they managed to link to; it was long discovered to be a chance of gaining 2,3,3,4,4,5 multiplication. With the bricks they had sent what remained of the students. Now the chamber, with its barred off area, was easier to deal with despite the sign written in blood.

After they left, that chamber, everything returned to what it had been with the softest of shimmering side effects as the gameworld reasserted itself, as it sometimes did for reasons buried deep within its own incredibly advanced programing. The same had happened with the classroom the group had first gone into and other spaces that they had taken items from.

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[2.3][0006] Gamer Team Players of Steel Entering WashingtonDC. (Direct continuation of post before this one)

The Players of Steel had become the Steel Players out of laziness and quickness of stating it as a name and yet there was another reason that they did not speak of, at least not yet.

They had discovered the regeneration of items, in areas they had gone to-from, when returning to the part barred off chamber as driven to do so by odd impulses as experienced by the SQuins. There the five experienced flashback impressions but each sister had her own biased version. They total memorised them and the impressions were recorded using secrettech kept hidden even to the Steel Players.

The 50cm high wide cubecanister appeared with a soft shimmering as it their gaming patrons-benefactors were pleased by what they had done so far but also wished to assist them in further ventures; the 10 special items consisted of two notepadcomps (notepad computers) holding extensive data, two teleport beacons, two minireplicators, two regenerators and two hidden, plus secured, in small boxes.

They took only a few, select, items from areas that they had already been through.

Hallways were sometimes a lot more neat, and orderly, with no skeletal remains or other signs of past troubles except for such as accumulated dust and cobwebs. There were such as cockroaches and spiders. Some, of those, were sent to Sanctuary for more than one reason; that is for such as research and for careful cultivation programs.

The 14 of them went carefully along a extra wide hallway, dotted with armoured transparent wall lockers on both sides. Students had their personal lockers but it was difficult for them to hide the nature of anything stored in them. They avoided stepping on the few skeletal remains, and linked items, of students, security guards, teachers and others. They easily unlocked, and opened, lockers despite their sophisticated electronic and electromechanical security. Now knowing items would be later, but not much later, be replaced, the SP15 took up items from all of the lockers before putting them onto a large sidetable.

The students had mostly official school items and only a few personal items be they hair brushes, toothbrushes, lipsticks, towels including hand towels, small boxes of sweets, pocket-novels, varied electronic devices and odd items out. Most were sent to Sanctumary but a few were kept; that situation would change in an odd fashion.

One was a notepad with some very cleverly coded paragraphs. Thus they learned that the school was in increasing trouble both both inside and out but also, strangely enough, from beneath. Relying on prior knowledge, the the Steel Players did not have, the coded messages hinted that those problems were happening all across WashingtonDC and beyond but not how far beyond. The notes also spoke of smuggled drugs, of dangerous types, getting smuggled into the school often by staff members who were also, just as often, addicts. There were also many alcoholics, amongst staff and students. Fighting had broken out, more than once, between students and others. Heavy Tactical Security, or HTS, had been increasingly been used with their head  to toes body-armour suits, military weapons and savage fighting dogs that were also body-armoured; the HTS rarely bothered to take prisoners except when it came to rescuing hostages and not always then.

After they stored the precious notebook away, the 14 of them a powerful, single shot, solid plastic pistoltube designed to get past metal detectors and, perhaps, even biological detectors such as sniffer dogs. The pistoltube could be reloaded but not quickly so.

Well disguised, as a lipstick, was a direction-guidance device of almost supertech sophistication, or hihitech. It was an indication that the student had been an infiltrator of some kind or perhaps was serving another. They took the item, intending to use it as soon as possible.

From the same locker, as the lipstick type device came from, was a lasertube; it was far more advanced, and dangerous, than the pistoltube was.

Last of all was a mysterious, alien device of some kind of extraterrestrial biological nature. One look at it was enough for the SP14 to become most concerned for they knew just what it was and the last place it should have been was on that world let alone in that school.

They used a game play Minor Wishling and multiplied all the special items to 30, keeping 15 and sending the other 15 to Sanctumary so that they were multiplied x5 on the way, getting 75 items at the other end; all would be examined, with care, there.

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[2.4][0007] Gamer Team Players of Steel Entering WashingtonDC. (Direct continuation of post before this one)

The Steel Players kept back against the wall, of that very large chamber, where the past showed as a ghostly reflection of very intense, even violent, history.

Crazed, extremely aggressive, students were hurling themselves at a line of HTS, and a few of their savage hounds; the humans fired off volleys of bullets and the hounds leapt upon students who got too close and yet the overwhelming number, of the students, was starting to push even those heavy security back. Standard security kept reloading spare guns, for the HTS, who swapped over with them so they did not have to pause, to reload, themselves.

Back, of the students, stood a very tall, pallidly pale skinned figure in stinky black robes. He kept picking his nose and wiping off snot onto his filthy, stained, garments. He grinned with heavily tobacco stained teeth. He could have been taken as evil but in truth he was just a caretaker gone quite insane as too many had done in that place. Having gotten bored, with picking on him, the students had long ago started leaving him alone.

The true evil was far harder to focus on, was a vague shadowy presence in one corner of what was supposed to be an exercising area. None of the students, including the most crazed ones, went even close to it,

Then it was over! The chamber was suddenly just a terrible, very old, scene of past death and destruction. There were many skeletal remains but none of HTS though normal security guards had clearly been wiped out before heavy security had arrived with their dogs.

More had happened there than just physical violence and psychological madness! There was a subtle 'feel' of evil, driving hunger, deep hatred and much else that was extremely negative.

Shimmy sighed. "What happened here was very, very, very bad, sad and mad. We must seek clues to just what happened here."

It was going to be a grim task but it was part of what they had promised to do and so they begun to investigate what was before them.

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[2.5][0008] Gamer Team Players of Steel Entering WashingtonDC. (Direct continuation of post before this one)

Heavy security robots had been brought into action, along with HTS in power armour, but the hounds were not there as it seemed that they had begun to be overwhelmed by what had started to take place in that twisted excuse for a school; normal staff had been withdrawn, as tough and experienced as they had been, along with the best of the students though that was not saying much. Heavy security androids, remote guided drones, teaching robots, machinegun turrets and much else had replaced the old.

Something was bubbling up from the deep depths below the school, to the secret basement research centre where dreadful experimentation had been carried out on students and other lifeforms but why there and what was the basis of those projects?

One, of the fake lipstick devices, directed them to where a heavily secured security outpost was located; they found useful equipment-supplies there including some special tech. So it was they sent robots, drones, androids, weapons, tools, instruments, related items to those, medical kits, suits of light power armour, canned food-drink, NukaCola Original, NukaCoffee, glossy 3D magazines, school propaganda stuff, manuals, books and more to the Sanctumary.  All was multiplied by three by the time it got to its destination.

A big wall locker hummed as it shifted to one side;  revealed was a set of elevator doors. Perhaps they would have been careful in trying to get the doors to open but a large hole had already been lasered through them both, at the center where they met. There was no elevator room but a death trap that had long ago been activated and destroyed but by who-what, how and why?

Shimmy sighed. "Somebody really wanted to get into here, very badly!"

Sherry nodded. "They knew what they were doing and probably did this kind of task before."

A dead SWATT (Special Weapons Armour Tech Trooper) lay on the floor in assault power armour. Useful items had been taken but the Steel Players 14 sent what remained to Sanctuary. They doubted that the paramilitary trooper would have any useful information on him for that would have been unwise when it came to security; he had probably been serving on a 'need to know basis' as they all would have been. It was multiplied by four!

Knowing that it would be respawned, they sent some other items to Sanctumary that multiplied by four.

Professor Sagesmart was looking at some writing smeared onto a wall with long dried blood. "That is a truly ancient language forbidden for any scholars to research except those given permission to do so by the Ivory Tower Elites Council, the ITEC. Still, few took them seriously so that did not matter much; there were more powerful agencies that kept people away from the deeply underground, long abandoned, alien cities of the VeryOldOnes who were like the OldOnes  but more ancient. The VeryOldOnes thought that the OldOnes were young upstarts and the OldOnes considered the VeryOldOnes to be decrepit plus fixed in their ways. As for the YoungOnes, they had long migrated to the British Isles being considered, by the others, to be rebellious misfits. I used to go to ITEC conferences for the free, good quality, food-drink and drunken antics of the old fools that were very entertaining."

Shurly sighed. "That is not very nice, of you, professor but still it sounds inviting. Maybe, one day, you will tell us what you were really doing there."

Shorey, who did not normally speak much, said nothing but pointed to a bare area, of wall, away from the obvious door that seemed to be the only viable exit except for going back the way that they had come from.

Yes, it turned out to be a secret door that they soon had humming softly to one side.

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[2.6][0009] Gamer Team Players of Steel Entering WashingtonDC. (Direct continuation of post before this one)

Along a wide hallway they came in a threatening mass but they made good targets!

Shimmy fired her laserpistol that drilled a neat hole into a radghouler's head so that it died at once. Even as it collapsed, the shriveled up corpse like entity began to crumble as natural laws caught up with its unnatural state of preservation. Radghoulers were savage, uncontrollable, types of radghouls of which radghoulmans were the most like humans. More, radghoulified, students came shrieking at the SP15 as bullets, laser beams and shotgun slugs wiped them out.

Dogmet did not seem to keen to bite any of the radghoulers, that looked rotten and stank awful but he staid close to Shimmy and brave growled at them while she kept telling him how wonderfully courageous he was.

The SQuins looked upon the targets with obvious sadness while other shooters were keenly killing the threat off.

Professor Sagesmart studied the oncoming creatures with a frown, pausing now and then to kill one with his large, powerful, autopistol (automatic pistol) but doing so using single shot mode. "Their movements show that they are somehow being guided if not totally controlled."

A small, metallic, sphere fell out of a decaying radghouler's head and rolled across  the floor until it hit a wall and soon came to a stop.

Rattanboy shook his head. "Nasty way to treat even such creatures as radghoulers."

Shurly sighed. "Poor things!" and then hurled a fragmentation hand grenade over the front of the radghoul crowd; there was an explosion that destroyed many a radghouler. "I would rather throw cupcakes at them."

Stanley, the cyborg gorilla, spoke for once and with obvious excitement. "Cupcakes, yum!"

Shurly laughed softly. "Stanley, I will get you some cupcakes as soon as I can."

Then the last radghouler was killed and no more of them came from a far off bend in the hallway.

From decaying  radghoulers came the brainballs, bits of cloth, loose coins, plastic smartcards , wrapped lollies, rings and more. Some were IDkeycards that would soon prove useful in getting through secured doors just as past gained ones had. Some carefully tubed cigarettes proved not to be made up of tobacco.

After the secret door had hummed open, they had followed the hallway for sometime only to find small sidechambers such as janitor closets, small panic rooms and secondary security stations. They had managed to send of three lots, of minor goodies, to Sanctumary; in turn they had been multiplied by two, three and four; the items would be respawned.

Batmanbot spoke while managing a tone of irony. "We have picked up a truly amazing number of weapons from what is a school. I suspect there are police stations, in DC, that have far fewer guns in them."

The overly muscular Machomuch sighed. "We have only just begun to explore this establishment so what else will we find? The mind boggles to think what we might discover!"

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