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Vortex and Outfit Studio issue

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Hi all

Switched from NMM/manually installed mods and utilities to Vortex. Installed Bodyslide/Outfit studio through vortex and it seems like Outfit Studio is all over the place, especially if I am creating mash up's or new outfits. 

These seem to mainly be pathing issue's, but they are for everything. Project .OSP's won't load because for some reason Outfit Studio is looking for the ShapeData in the Vortex mod folder (rather than the usual default Fallout4/Data/Tools folder)

All in all I'm finding Vortex really difficult to do creative stuff with because it seem like I'm perpetually fighting the mod organizer rather than being able to mod

Is there a work around for this?

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With all due respect I am checking with the devs of the software which is NOT working. 

Outfit studio itself works just fine with NMM, it's the way that Vortex handles the pathing that appears to be the issue NOT outfit studio itself. Trying to use Outfit Studio to create or edit outfit projects is just an absolute headache. Projects won't save because all the pathing is messed up between the game location used by Outfit Studio and something that Vortex is doing trying to save to or load from the Vortex mod staging folder which is nested under AppData/Roaming

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