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BG3 Native Mods not working (Data Mismatch error)


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I followed the instructions from

>youtube dot com/watch?v=TC9MUP4VQzI (posting the url just makes a massive popup)

exactly as he showed, and I'm not able to make it work at all.  I downloaded Native Mod Loader


Then put in




I unzipped the folders and dropped the bin into the steamapps/common/BG3 folder.  Doing that made a /NativeMods/ folder in the bin folder, but still none of them actually do anything in game.  I get an error when I open the launcher saying "data mismatch" and then nothing is different in game.  What am I doing wrong?

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Computer restart seems to have fixed xd
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Do you have the Native Mod Loader installed first?

Have you put every Mod in ths correct folder? Some are directly in the bin folder, some are in the NativeMods folder. 3 Mods: Native Mod Loader, WASD and Camera Tweaks.

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got the same problem. Mods won´t work, especially Native Camera Tweaks is causing problems. All after patch 6, yesterday it worked shortly and after ending and restarting the game there was another tiny update. Since then nothing works. Can´t really imagine to play the game without these mods tho 😄

There´s also a error message when i want to start the game, see below. someones got an idea ?




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