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2 Bugs im trying to find a fix of


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Hello! I hope someone may know about these issues, cause i just cannot find a solution - 

First - i noticed that NPCs stopped to headtrack my char, they dont look at me - simply turning over their bodies but head is dead...

Second - All my beast races have got sorta negative FOV - i cant see hands while casting or weapons while holding

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There may be a mod in your list that is overwriting a mod when you load a Save in your present Saves. 

Load a previous Save to see if it corrects the problem. 

Did you recently add a new mod?

List any mods you use.  Is your game set up so it is only on your computer?  Or do you have the Online version set up so you launch it from another server like Steam?

You have some mod functions missing that could be caused by a mod in your arranged mod order being overwritten by another mod because the other mod is read first and over writes the other mods with similar function. 

Find and look at the page with the load order of the mods.  Compare it to the load order of the mods in your Mod Organizer.  NMM, MO2, or which ever you use.

I remember the game page with the last setting of the mods and has to be removed because it doesn't get renewed each time I added a new mod.  When I played after removing that page with the old mods I was using the page and list arrangment matched when it was renewed.
Move any mod that affects the game the way you're experiencing to make it the one overwriting the other higher up in your mod lists order.


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