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Fixing Asurah's Animations


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I absolutely love Asurah's Reanimation pack. After seeing how natural and organic a lot of these animations feel I can't go back to vanilla animations. However it was left not completely finished there are still some animations that are objectively broken. On a lot of weapons the sideways and backwards locomotion animations cause the character's hands to not hold the rifle properly and using Just Vanilla Sprint mod has no compatible animations. I was wondering if there would be a way to take Asurah's Animations and fix the little things that are wrong with them so that they fit nicely into the game because it just breaks my heart to see these beautiful animations left incomplete. I don't have much experience creating mods from scratch, I can mix and match files from various mods to try to make fixes but there's not much else in 3rd person animations mods that I can substitude for these animations. If anyone could help me fix these animations or tell me how I could do it myself I'd be forever grateful.

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