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Exciting Modding Ideas 2024


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Contribute your own ideas to the thread if desired. I don't intend to get deep into Morrowind modding (modded enough games already), so this is for you guys to hopefully utilize.

1. Bugfix: Crossbow and certain other marksman weapons being in your inventory breaks your next weapon input loop/cycle. 

2. Lucky Luck Multiplier: Luck level up multiplier is randomised between a range of x1-x3, set post-level up (so it can't be abused by reloading immediately prior to level up). This will create interesting temptation to invest in luck over other stats, as well as have luck to fall back on sometimes if you have really bad level up multipliers. 50% chance x1 mult. 25% chance x2 mult. 25% chance x3 mult. These specific values are important, as if you set x3 too rare, it will make it a near must-have investment whenever it appears as the opportunity doesn't come around often. Likewise, it should only go up to x3. Not x5. For numerous similar balancing reasons. 

3.Armor Degredation Rate +50%. 20 hours in, I've had weapons break approximately 30 times, and an armor piece NEVER. Make repair actually relevant.

4. Persistent Diseases. So, MW is a game save fest, its micromanagement design necessitates at least semi-frequent saving. But this kind of renders most deseases obsolete. I have a save from seconds ago, may as well just reload instead of dealing with this disease.  So my suggestion is to save the disease as a global config variable that persists between game saves for that character. Delightfully Devilish!

5. Random minor game elements for diversity:

-Storm atronachs have a random chance to spawn during thunderstorms, regardless of player level and region (low level must avoid).
-Tombs have a chance to spawn more trapped objects on cell init, if object not already frobbed. There is a mod that adds more traps (abots more traps) but it sets it up on frob, not cell init, which imo is bullshit. There needs to be indication an object is trapped beforehand.
-Entirely new traps (pressure plates, trap doors, trip wires whatever). added at random (intelligent conditions) across dungeons. Not all can be disarmed (trip wires and trap doors lets say).
-And more ideas like this, without going overboard. Keep it subtle while adding variety, excitement and replayability to the world.

6. AI smooth rotation. What's with this? They don't turn around, they simply go from 180 degrees to -180 degrees in a single frame. Almost all movement is sharp and instant like this. Must be inaccessible engine code as it is very obvious.

7. Adjusted Cliff Racer collision. They get stuck on objects and cant reach the player often.

8. input to USE items in the inventory without having to drag to paper doll. e.g eat ingredients, equip weapon, use soul gem, drink potion. Use the Interact button for this (default = spacebar if I recall).

9. Conjuration summon limit. Limit the number of active summons the player can have to TWO. Any more than that completely breaks the game balance. Two is already OP as hell. The third successful summon replaces the player's first summoned creature.

10. fix the camera bugging out when opening doors while crouched.

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