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Looking for software that makes it so I don't have to put the CD in every time I want to play.


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On 6/12/2024 at 11:55 PM, Pagafyr said:

I am looking into OpenMW now that I have been able to restore the GoTY CD I have.

I've been using OpenMW myself.  I don't have many Morrowind mods, and none that use MWSE.  It's worked fine for me so far.

Trouble is, I tend to get only so far before other games distract me (usually Skyrim, or my roleplay group or my board/card game group in Second Life).  Still, I figure I'll finish a MW quest chain someday. 😁

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I've got Mods I made for Morrowind.  Several other WIPs I tried to get help making.

My successfully built One was inspired by a desire to be a young Archaeologist.  It has a quest for people to get to own a place to rest, which has a practice room; with a practice dummy we can use to increase our skill level for all the different styles of weaponary.  Swords, mallets, maces, and such weapons; archery, spells, and potions with links to other mods I eventually added.  Only because their mod makers made them free to use as long as I posted their name giving them credit for their mods.  Without the other mods that the links I put in pointed to, the player usually ends up on a hill side, outside a city walls, or some such space where the other mod might be if they have it.

Now I can at least play around with my mod and continue to make improvements.  The Seyda Neen mod was finished enough, but It's always been for me a work in progress, which I found to be fun to while playing the game.

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