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Heavily encumbered when I start a new game (FIXED)


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So I decided to start a new game for the first time since Patch #5 was released, with also many more mods installed than I did before. And after I created my character and started controlling her it showed that I was already heavily encumbered for whatever reason. I even dropped all of my items from my inventory but that didn't fix it. So I'm pretty sure that there's a mod that I installed that I most likely never used before that's causing that to happen but I'm not sure which one is, do any of you might know which mod it is? Thanks!


UPDATE: I figured out what the mod was, it was the No Difficulty mod that was causing that to happen because it increases the weight capacity by x10. I just uninstalled it and now I'm no longer heavily encumbered. Here's the link to the mod in case you want to look at it.


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I found the mod that was causing that issue to happen.
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