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How do i back to 2.1(actually a guide)


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Yo! I've just installed mods  yesterday and bought vortex premium and there was update today. How do i back to 2.1- im thinking only about windows backup- but im not even doin those X D

Edit: im trying to download the game from steam db with console if it works ill let u know
Edit2: Ok its working but now it doesnt detect Phantom Liberty- i'll try to repair it

Edit3: And it works perfectly🥳

Step 1 : win+R


Step2: Download CP2077 and PL from steam DB with:
PL(1st) CP2077(2nd) 

download_depot 2138330 2138330 8336407654663849967
download_depot 1091500 1091501 2238892413801664242

Step 3: Make sure u have auto update disabled :

steam->properties->updates->Only update this game if I launch it(or sth like this, i dont remember) 

Step 4: Copy/Paste

steam->steamapps->content, and there u have 2 folders with ur apps that u have to open and just copy files from these folders to main CP2077 folder(steamapps->common-> CP2077) 

Step5: Its done 



im leaving my edits and main topic cuz its funny 

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Today I learn about Steam DB...

I followed the steps but most have done something wrong because it still fails to launch the game.

Should i uninstall the game and then re-install it from Steam DB? (which seems to not really be an option as it tosses me back to my steam program to install it)


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