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Guide: Using Mods on G-Portal / Windows Dedicated Servers


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How to get mods working on G-Portal or Windows Dedicated Servers:


1. Download the LATEST EXPERIMENTAL RELEASE of UE4SS_v2.5.2 from Github.  At the time of this post the latest experimental version is UE4SS_v2.5.2-605-g92624ab.  

The correct version to download does NOT start with "zDEV-" nor contain the words "Standard" or "X-Input, it is simply UE4SS_v2.5.2-XXX-xxxxxxxxx

All experimental versions are under ASSETS dropdown at the bottom of this page https://github.com/UE4SS-RE/RE-UE4SS/releases/tag/experimental.

2.  You MUST have whatever mod you want to use installed on BOTH the Client and the Server.



Upload UE4SS and Mods to the Server:

1. Access your servers file system, either through FTP or the GPortal website UI.

FTP is faster as the website UI seems to be very slow and may not show all files you can see via FTP.  You can use a program called FileZilla to access via FTP.

2. From the home directory of your Server files, navigate to



3. Extract the complete contents of the zip file you downloaded above (UE4SS_v2.5.2-XXX-xxxxxxxxx.zip) into the Pal/Binaries/Win64 folder

Make sure you include the Mods folder and all of it's contents as well, everything that was in the zip file should be put in the Win64 folder on the server.



Where Do I Put "X" Mod?:

The easiest way to determine where to put the mod is to have the mod already installed on the Client via the Vortex app and see where it was installed on your client.

On your computer via Steam install this is usually located at


This Client side folder structure should be similar to what you see in the G-Portal Server files.

On the Server:

PAK (.pak) Mods:

For mods packaged as .pak files, put them in either




 folders.  Create the folders on the server if they don't exist.

Place the mod in the same folder on the Server as it is in your Client files.

For example the Storage Integration mod is in the LogicMods directory, All the Bases is located in ~mods

Script Mods:

For mods with a scripts folder, the complete contents of the extracted zip file should go in Pal/Binaries/Win64/Mods directory on the server.  Note that each mod located here should be in it's own directory.

You will have other mods in here already because there were copied over with UE4SS contents in step 3 above.

P.S.  Nitrado does not have the Binaries folder when accessed via FTP, I'm assuming this means they are using a Linux server.  I haven't explored where the mods go on a Linux server yet so this guide will likely not work in those cases.

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