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Over my head. Novice gamer/mod user needing your help.

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Guest deleted200778155

I recently joined Nexus mods because I wanted to modify Starfield on my Xbox series S console.

I was able to download the data file of the mod I wanted (MaleBodyReplacerV52-40532-V5-2), and through the use of Parallels software I was able to open Vortex mod manager, but that's where my journey ended.

Since the game is on my console, and my laptop is a Mac Book Air (macOS Sonoma version 14.3.1) I am not able to download the Xbox PC app. Also, my iPhone Xbox app is limited in what I can access as well.

I have watched many YouTube tutorials on how to install mods; including one that suggested using a thumb drive to transfer the data files to my Xbox console, but I can’t access the games data folders.

I was originally playing Starfield on Game Pass, but then I purchased the game thinking I could then navigate to its’ data folder easily, but I was still not able to locate/access any of the games files.

Then, as I mentioned earlier, I downloaded the free trial version of Parallels software (which allows you to change your Op system from Mac to Microsoft PC on your laptop). This allowed me to download and open Vortex, but I was only able to go so far with this as well. Vortex could not locate my game (probably because it’s on the Xbox S and not a Microsoft Windows 11 PC).

If you can help me get this to work; I would greatly appreciate it. I don't know what else to do at this point. I am very disappointed.

Side Note: If you can help, or offer any suggestions please keep it simple for me; I really don't know the gaming/tech/mod language...but I am learning.

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