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Brewmaster Monk SubClass Request


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Though I already have one class mod request in the forums I just thought of another that I would love to see.  I know there is a drunken master and though I havent done a full progression with them I would like to see an actual brewmaster who drenches his enemies in various booze and lights them on fire


Brewmaster - Monk Subclass

  • Strength and Charisma modifiers
  • Unarmored Defense
  • Staff Specialty (instead of unarmed)
  • (Cosmetic) Carries a keg barrel on his back - perhaps a slightly scaled down woodbarrel
    • Spells
      • Evasion
      • Keg Toss - AOE  -  Bludgeoning dmg
        • Drenches the target and the ground below them in booze
          • intoxicating them - can invoke confusion
          • Making them flammable
      • Fire Breath 
        • Cone Fire dmg with dot
          • Bonus or Secondary Action if Keg Toss was used.
      • Flask Toss
        • Same as Keg Toss only single target and no puddle
      • Lesser Heal
        • Increased healing on self
        • If used to heal another
          • Less healing
          • possible intoxication triggering a round of lethargy 
      • Liquid Courage
        • Consume or give to an ally a flask that will...
          • Grant Immunity to Crowd Control Conditions for 'X' amount of rounds
          • Increased Strength and Constitution
            • Reduced Dex, Charisma and intellect saves
      • Barrel Roll
        • (Player OR Keg) Charges through targets inflicting bludgeoning dmg and knocking them aside
          • *Would love to see an animation of a keg being rolled forward like a bowling ball but I'll take what I can get*
      • Feign Death
        • Performance roll
          • Brewmaster sways and falls to the ground - prone for 1 round
            • If successful enemies ignore brewmaster and redirect their threat on someone else
          • Heals for half of their total missing health
            • If unsuccessful enemies still attack and the brewmaster is vulnerable to critical damage
      • Uppercut
        • Uses the weight of the keg to create enough momentum to swing their staff upwards into the jaw of their target 
          • Knocks the target upwards then prone - barring a constitution saving throw


I know this is mostly a pipe dream, had I the knowledge i'd be rolling these out myself but alas...I have zero experience in any form of programming.  I know this class mod seems a little thrown together, still have to learn the leveling rules and if someone WAS to produce this and decides to take liberties I'd still be thrilled to see and try out the end result.  

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Update:  With the Drunken Master Monk subclass, Dragonbreath Revamped Standalone/Dragonbreath Bonus Action Add-on, Barrelmancy, TheWayOfTheDrunkard, and Weightless and Stackable Barrels mods I've essentially pieced together exactly what I was looking for.

Now, if only someone was to take all of these, fine tune them a little, and throw them into a Class or Subclass....

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