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Skyrim SE, Vortex MM problem with ground texture files


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Game: Skyrim Special Edition (or Anniversary Edition, as I'm on game version 1.6.353) on Steam

Vortex version: 1.9.12

No Vortex error messages to report



I uninstalled a parallax enabled landscape texture set, removed the archive entirely, but now it seems like its files are still somehow haunting my load order.

All ground textures are bright purple, which of course means there's textures missing. However if you look at the ground closely, you can see details, which means the normal maps are still there despite the textures being gone.

- trying to install another set of textures does nothing

- trying to remove any and all mods that could somehow affect ground textures does nothing

- And so I can't even revert the textures back to vanilla

Now you must be thinking, "if you can't get vanilla textures to show, your game files must be messed up, use Steam to fix them".. But I've done that already, and when I create a new empty Vortex profile without a single mod, all textures display correctly. The game files are fine.

More informative console says nothing if I click on the ground..

What can I do to find out why and how is Vortex pointing the game to nonexistent textures? Where can I find these mysterious normal maps that just won't go away?

Any help would be appreciated, I just cannot figure this out. I really don't want to rebuild my mod list just because of this issue.

If your explanation involves SSEEdit or nifskope, please explain their usage like you were talking to a particularly slow five year old kid. Thanks in advance!


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