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Multiplayer not working after new patch?


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Hi all

Myself and a friend have been trying to play multiplayer since the new update but when he is joining the message "public is attempting to join" it'll then say "public joined" immediately followed by "player left".

we are playing with mods, we've gone through the collection and we have the same mods as well as current updates for them, and we have gone through the load order to make sure they match but to no avail, the game loads fine with no issues and I can play through our current save solo with no issues, its only when my friend tries to join

I have attached a snipping of our installed mods


Thanks for any help




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18 minutes ago, kaBoMBersNotebook said:

I'm running into the same issue. Our playthrough worked just fine on patch 5 with all the same mods. We've updated everything that needs to be updated to patch 6 and, likewise, have the exact same load order and can play just fine in single player.

Ah, hold up, I've found a fix! In my case, at least. I got rid of Native Mod Loader (for Native Camera Tweaks and WASD Movement) and any mods installed directly to "Generated" rather than via the mod manager (which would be stuff that affects like tattoos, body textures, unique tav stuff, body shape, etc). Previously, those wouldn't prevent multiplayer from working if they weren't identical to the other players, but I suppose they do now. I'm not sure which one of the two, or both, were preventing multiplayer. I'll fiddle around some more with it, but I'd assume they'll work if both host and client have the same edits made to their files.

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