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13 hours ago, DoidoKome said:

After patch 6, I entered the game, the mods work, but I no longer have inventory and the camping box doesn't open, but has anyone had this problem?

People are saying its an issue with PLUS UI however i have removed it and then reinstalled and it still is giving me an issue.  I might try removing it completely then try playing the game but I don't recall how many of my other mods need it to run.

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[I apologize if I make a mistake or if any sentence sounds strange, I'm Brazilian using a translator]

I have the same problem
It only resolved after I removed all the mods
I started playing now in patch 6 and using mods, I was never able to use the Traveler's Chest in the camp

I'm almost uninstalling the Steam version to download the "free" version again
When I played the "free" version I didn't have this problem

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