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I am struggling to find/make the right load order for my many mods (via vortex launcher)


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Hi folks, I've been kinda struggling for a week and decided to finally ask for help, and I'm new here (I'm kinda new to forums in general). 

So let me say that I have been able to play with my many mods thanks to the 'QoL and Extras - Load Order', but I have noticed that it doesn't load order all of my mods. I have attempted to make a more personalized load order using this load order document (I do know this document is referring to the BG3MM, but I have worked with Vortex in the past and know the ropes), but am not sure which mods qualify for specific placement (For example: not knowing which mods are considered as a "Library type" or which mods "Fix base game content/ affect general gameplay")

I've been looking for any screenshot of any load order possible and using that as a reference, but have hit a dead end. So now I turn to you, Folks of the BG3 modding community, for help. I will include screenshots of the mods I am using for reference (and I apologize ahead of time for the amount mods I have).

Note: I did find a screenshot relating to Utav and Divine Curse (and everything involved with it) load order reference, so I will keep those together. (I'm not sure if the screenshot is also tied to BG3MM)

If anyone can recommend a load order, I would be super thankful ^w^ (also it wouldn't let me put all of the screenshots in, so I will make another post with the rest of them) image.thumb.png.1009502cd11cd3d4e3a1bb8e2ad05fcb.pngimage.thumb.png.6b6e201d634ea92e738e3b9ae2774c76.pngimage.png.997889001afaddbba3646b7c5985047b.png

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the last screenshot has a segment of the order where I know they need to stick together. I will still try and fiddle with the load order in the meantime. (I am super sorry about how many mods I had, but they all work together perfectly for what i need)

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