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Starfield with Vortex Extension 0.6.6 plugins data folder

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Hi so since installing the Starfield Vortex Extension (so vortex would manage my plugins.txt file) I have an issue that whenever I download a plugins mod, vortex will add a data directory into the mod and place the plugin inside that, meaning once deployed the plugin is installed into this folder: "Starfield\Data\Data" which results in plugins not being detected because they need to be in the data folder not a subfolder of that directory.

I don't know how to stop Vortex from adding this extra folder, I checked and it's not the mods themselves, they all are a zip with the .esm in it, Vortex itself is adding the extra Data folder, breaking installers.

I cannot search for this issue because all results just talk about the documents\data directory fiasco from before and that's not my issue, I don't have that enabled in vortex so it's using my games data folder as intended. It only happened after installing the plugin so imagine it's a bug with that.

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Reinstall those mods - they were probably installed when Vortex installed everything relative to the root. Failing that, provide some specific examples of mods so I can check it on my end. I've just reinstalled the Starfield Community Patch and didn't have any issue. 

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Sadly mods I have not installed or reinstalled since installing the Vortex Extension work ok but any mod I reinstall or install fresh (new) adds the folder when it isn't there by default. So reinstalling will break all my mods and it's a hell of a job going through 157 mods manually to remove a data folder. Really hoping to find a fix for this. It's actually not just plugin mods I found out it's all mods, SFSE mods install wrong too, every mod gets an extra data folder essentially.

examples in terms of stuff I've installed since it started happening is in the screenshot. There is something making Vortex feel like all mods need a data folder adding. I dunno where I can tell it to stop doing this. I'll add more screenshots to show the issue I mean.

starfield mods example.png

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Check your extensions tab in Vortex. I am starting to suspect you have both the latest Starfield Extension AND an old version installed at the same time. This isn't possible unless one of them was manually installed at some point. 

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