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Shar Statue Headwear texture location?


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Alright, so I've been digging around through the files and I can't seem to find the texture files for "HUM_F_SharStatue_Headwear.GR2".

The closest I've gotten so far is a line in "Shared\Public\SharedDev\Content\Assets\Characters\Humans\[PAK]_Female_SharStatue\_merged.lsx" that reads:

                <node id="Resource">
                    <attribute id="DiffusionProfileUUID" type="FixedString" value="" />
                    <attribute id="ID" type="FixedString" value="4de72362-a0fa-0114-a9e3-89094adcdb4e" />
                    <attribute id="MaterialType" type="uint8" value="6" />
                    <attribute id="Name" type="LSString" value="HUM_F_SharStatue_Headwear" />
                    <attribute id="SourceFile" type="LSString" value="Public/Shared/Assets/Materials/Environment/ENV_Base_TileBlend_Test.lsf" />
                    <attribute id="_OriginalFileVersion_" type="int64" value="144115207403209030" />

I searched through "Public/Shared/Assets/Materials/Environment/ENV_Base_TileBlend_Test.lsf" and hit a dead end. I know vaguely that I'm looking for environment textures but I have no idea where to look.

Any help would be much appreciated 🙏


The tile textures work, but they're not the textures that appear on the statue headwear. These textures appear on Shar in the cinematics.

My new question is this: Is there an easy way to transfer the UV map from one model to another that shares the same geometry?

To clarify, the DEC_GEN_Statue_Shar_Normal and the DEC_GEN_Statue_Shar_Huge are identical. The only difference is the "normal" sized one has less detail.


Okay, lesson learned.

If you have a model with a normal map and mask, but no basecolor map, it's easier to create one from by combining elements of the normal/mask.

They hold most of the texture information already.

Digging through files for days for a non-existent texture is a huge waste of time (and sanity)😅

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