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Importing a cc head into bg3


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So to begin, I have absolutely no modding experience. 

I've been trying to import Mycroft's head from Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One into BG3 as a CC head.

Just as a note, I have BG3 Modders Multitool and LSLIB Export Tool, as well as BG3/DOS2 Collada Exporter and LaughingLeader Helpers for Blender installed. 

I could not find an exact tutorial for what I want to do so I watched and read various tutorials about BG3 modding and Blender. This is what I have done so far:

I have extracted Mycroft's Unreal Engine 4 model from the game using UE Viewer. The model includes everything, including animation. This is what the all the files look like.


I figured that what I had to do was basically decapitate the Mycroft model and keep the head, since that's the only thing I need.

What I did was open the 3D object file in Blender and used the bisect tool to separate his neck from his body. I'm unsure what else needs to be removed as it has all the animation rigging still. It's important to note that I have not used Blender before this project. I managed to separate the hair into a new layer too.

What I tried to do was replace my Mycroft head with one already existing in BG3, following a tutorial. This did not work. Despite being hopeful, I expected as much 😅

I figure that the specific textures made for Mycroft would need to be used since I neither have the capability nor the resources to edit the already existing texture to fit his head. 

As I was going through the unpacked files in BG3, I saw that the textures are all .dds files, not .tga files like the ones I've extracted. This is one of my problems. How do I export .tga files into .dds files? No amount of googling helped me there (or maybe I don't actually have eyes to see with and I missed it). Another problem is that they are different texture types: MCS, Diffuse and RMA, not CLEA and HMVY (excluding normal). I understand that I would have to create CLEA and HMVY textures?  If so, how? Is it something that I could even do at my skill level? 

Another thing to note: all the texture files are for his entire model, so this includes his suit, hands, everything. With this in mind, would I have to create new textures for just his face?

I'm also not sure what the other files in the Mycroft folder are or if they are needed for everything to work in BG3.

Have I done everything horribly wrong? Did I approach it completely wrong? Where do I go from here? 

Also would I have to somehow use the neck from the BG3 character model with the Mycroft head to make sure it lines up properly? Aka the neck being too thick/thin.

I am in dire need of help 😭 

If anyone can help me salvage this, I'd be eternally grateful. 

I apologise for this absolute trainwreck and if reading all this makes you roll your eyes into your head. Forgive me 🙏

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