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Are there any mods that actually tell you when you land a critical hit?


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There's so much misinformation on how critical hits work in this game - some think it's when you pop heads with a headshot (not true), some think critical hits have to be a 1-hit kill (also not true), etc. Those who have done extensive testing have found that critical hits can happen on any enemy on any body part independently of other factors like dismemberment, stagger, and weakpoint damage boosts - read the Notes section of the image in the Reddit post below (credit: Filipe Ramos).

This post also shows the different % chances for each weapon including the modifier from exclusive upgrades.

This is good to know, but now I find it weird that there's absolutely no indication in the game when you actually land a critical hit (from what I can tell...). I've looked high and low for a mod that does this with no luck, unfortunately. Curious if anyone else knows?



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