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FNV - Tactical Followers System Modding Tips #1


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Is there a way to assign a keyboard button to a mod's menu
when in that mod this function is managed by the left mouse button
while holding a gun?

I'll explain...
I have a mod I would like to fix.
This mod allows you to tactically control your followers,
assigning them even furtive behaviors.
These commands are initiated by holding a gun and pressing the button to
shoot, a menu opens where you can choose options, such as
"run towards that position", "walk crouched towards that position" e
“proceed crouched and stealthy towards that location.”
Additionally this mod also has binoculars that can be used to tag an enemy
who will be killed immediately afterwards by a sniper among his followers.

Well, both in the case of the gun and in the case of binoculars, this cannot be done
use any weapon while holding these items, so you cannot
shoot enemies and you just have to dedicate yourself to the role of "team leader"
who gives orders and then watches as his team sweeps away
the enemies.
It's so boring, I'd like to turn this into something more tactical
and adventurous similar to the old Ghost Recon and S.O.C.O.M, simply
by assigning a button on the keyboard to open this useful menu for control
followers, and another keyboard key to tag enemies to do
take down the sniper, without ever having to use those binoculars.

Is it possible to make this fix? The mod I'm telling you about is very old,
but really cute and one of a kind and would work fine
if combined with a nice mod like:
JIP Companions Command and Control (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/50468)

I'm not a total novice at modding and might consider distributing
this mod once corrected and completed, if I have the author's permission.
Thanks for anyone who will give me an accurate answer.

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