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User Profile and Direct Messaging Improvements Beta


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12 minutes ago, InvictusVivus said:

I'm going to be honest overlooking the several bugs I found this is generally a much worse design. Major points I have an issue with.

1. If we are looking at their profile why do we need to see their image on every mod? I know these cards are used elsewhere but you should be able to build in the togge for their profile image.

2. you went from 5 across to 3 across as a user that is really annoying. I work in web development and one of the things I would make sure you ask yourself is this making me scroll more? If so its almost always a bad idea same with requiring aditional clicks.

3. you shrunk the amount of space given for the description this is actually vital information for people. Taking away that info makes is more annoying to know if I'm intersted in the mod.

4. You increased the font size on the mods name I really don't think that neccesary WCAG does not have a minimum font size but you have major accesiblity issues with your color choices. I know this seems nitpicky but the company I work has been sued in the past for not taking accesiblity seriously. We are in the US though so it may be different for you. It also is worth noting here that taking the time to make sure colors are accesibile makes the page easier to read for all users not just those with vision imparments. (I know the current page has over 800 but still these are easy things for devs to fix that make a huge difference).



Thanks for checking this over. We take a11y very seriously. You'll note (as you can see from the highlighted username), that the WAVE extension is registering the background colour for this elements as white. That's actually not the case, and we're comfortable (for the most part) with our contrast level for text. Automated tools can only do so much!

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1 hour ago, serkethetyt said:

I'm glad those features are returning! Not only missing the About Me page, but the important tools as direct message and especially report button. Thank you for work on it so fast! (The design for me is ok, just need to get used to it, but is looking nice and the support author button is cute)

Ps: Any predictions on when we will be able to edit profiles?


1 hour ago, lilebonymace said:

So editing About Me is currently not possible?

This was a bug we found on release. We have fixed it and this should no longer be an issue for you. Clicking to edit profile will now correctly take you to the editor for "About Me".

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Here's what it looks like on my PC - 1600x900 resolution. Why such a wide column with the avatar? It takes up 1/3 of the width - what a waste of space! It was much better at the top of the page before. Speaking of which, I now have an enormous empty banner taking up 1/2 of the screen height! Thank goodness it can be scrolled away, but what a waste, again!

And this was already noted: look at the first mod card - why empty space under the mod title? Is it to make it align with the other mod cards in the row? Well, it doesn't if the name of the game takes more room on the other card as in this example. I'd say do away with the waste of space.

Finally, I am not sure why we need the text "You've reached the end of the mods" on the bottom when it is already saying "43 out of 43"? The same also for images (and presumably collections).


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Another thing - I just noticed that dates are now shown as relative "human readable" totally useless dates like "2 years ago" or "3 months ago". Why not just show a normal date? For those of us that actually keep track of when we downloaded something? For the precision-loving types like myself? 🙂

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This is what I mean about an enormous banner at the top of the page. This is what the profile page looks like at 1600x900. The old format is shown below for comparison. I know which one I find more informative and useful.




Here is the current (old) format for comparison.




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