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User Profile and Direct Messaging Improvements Beta


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On 4/19/2024 at 4:40 PM, bdip said:

Great improvement to the download/update indicators. Just want to point out that the "download" one is missing the drop shadow that the "update available" one has.


Screenshot2024-04-19at11-33-26LawrenceFBsProfileNexusMods.png.9d6e61ebc8081c501870719f6260474e.png Screenshot2024-04-19at11-34-31LawrenceFBsProfileNexusMods.png.69a17d40f58dfb81c7d196d8cd0e482b.png

Thanks for pointing this out. Definitely not meant to be the case and should be fixed soon. 

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I like it. But it was also time to replace the old design with a new and better one. But since there are also many people who like the old design better, there should also be the option to return to the old design. then all parties would be satisfied. at least that's how I see it.🇩🇪🫡😉

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