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At this time 3 mod requests: (disable sitting, manual leaning and climb on ladders without using them)

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Hello guys, if I may make 3 mod suggestions please?

First one would be to disable sitting or like with Fallout 4's mod, to have an alternate key to sitting like key R for instance where F or E are use keys.

My second request if I may would be manual leaning because leaning right now requires one to move too close to an object to use it.

And a 3rd idea and I think I might have more ideas while I play is that we would be able to use ladders without having to each time go into 3rd person and if possible to be able to look left and right (possibly up and down too) while climbing ladders.


These 3 ideas for SF mods would greatly improve my SF experience and perhaps that of others.


Before I go, one trivia: Did you know that Starfield shortened (SF) is the same acronym as for Science Fiction.

....okay I just figured that out as I wrote it up there but that's how ideas come sometimes. Anyhoe....


Thank you a lot for even considering and have interplanetary fun. May you live long and prosper! (du'h)

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