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Commission a Dark Ranger subclass mod for the Ranger Class (PAYING!)


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I would like to commission a Dark Ranger subclass mod for the Ranger Class. This would be based on the thematic idea of a Dark Ranger from Warcraft. Please contact me, either here or via discord, my ID is Awrion#1255. I am willing to pay 50$ with additional tip depending on how good the mod is.

A brief description of their abilities:

  • "Dark rangers are similar to their high elven cousins but focus on shadowcraft more than nature. Dark rangers are silent and invisible stalkers of the shadows, felling unsuspecting opponents with a single arrow. Dark rangers still favor the bow as the ultimate weapon, using the same arts that Quel'Thalas taught for millennia. Their spells work with manipulating the essences of life and death, as well as various horrible curses and mind-enslaving abilities.
  • Dark rangers' senses grow sharper than even those of other Forsaken. The dark ranger learns how to fade into dark conditions, wrapping herself with shadows. The skilled dark ranger can notice the tiny movements of her enemies along with other visual and auditory cues that allow her to react more quickly in combat.
  • While they no longer study nature, dark rangers remain some of the best trackers in the world. Naturally, most dark rangers hail from the scout class, but many newer rangers are former rogues, who use their stealth abilities to act as silent and near-invisible slayers for the Dark Lady."

Essentially, this would be an improved gloomstalker with more Psionic/force and necrotic spells and damage modifiers. Please also include the signature ability of dark rangers,

Black Arrow
Adds extra scaling necrotic damage to attacks. Units killed while under the effect of Black Arrow will turn into undead or explode maybe?
  • Scaling can be 1d4 at level 3, 1d6 at level 6, 1d8 at level 9, 1d10 at level 12, 2d6 at level 15, 2d8 at level 18 and 2d10 and level 20.
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Include in the title and tags that I am paying
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