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Mod changed on disk after Vortex restart


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I got "Shalidor's Maze" mod from afkmods at url: https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/files/file/2553-wip-shalidors-maze/

This is a great mod and I highly recommend it.  But whenever I restart Vortex, this message box is displayed:image.png.172c5113253050e26547af897ee899

And so I have to hit "Apply Changes" and when Vortex comes up, the mod is gone.  I do another "Install From File" to bring it back in and all is good until the next restart of Vortex.

I asked the mod author about this, but he says it is a Vortex bug and he will not pursue it because he does not use Vortex and doesn't support Vortex in any way.

The other odd thing about this mod is that it shows up with the name of the zip file in Vortex instead of the mod title.  This is a minor issue that I don't care about unless it is somehow related to the bigger problem of the mod disappearing on me.  


Any ideas?

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