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PC inventory bug when trading.


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I've had this bug for several weeks now. I believe since Update 6. All mods are up to date, and this issue persists on existing and new saves for all characters PC or party members. It has also persisted through a wipe of all mods and a fresh install of the game. Its incredibly frustrating and makes looting and trading very tedious as I am forced to mark all items I want to sell as wares and sell them that way. But I am not able to see what is in the inventory during trading. I also am not able to see any items in my camp chest. There are others who have advised me to remove the Plus UI mod, as its caused inventory issues for them, however, when I uninstall it individually or with all other mods my entire inventory is invisible. It is still present as the weight indicator displays there are items, the icons are simply missing. Any help is GREATLY appreciated! 

TAV Inventory bug.png

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