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[FO4] Underwear Replacer with footwear or covering outfit without taking a slot?


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The following is about Fallout 4.

There's an armor I really like but it looks ridiculous as an armor (but would look great in a raider joint as a plain outfit). I'm lucky enough it doesn't have a male version so my PC get in his undies while donning it (still having gained its stats). I installed Classic Underwear Replacer and it almost looks as a plain outfit, although a glaring issue for someone adventuring like that is no footwear, not even slippers.

Do you know of something which would replace default underwear with something not looking like Wellingham would scream at you to leave the upper stands? Alternatively, something not taking an outfit slot (torso + limbs) which would cover an outfit, eg a cloak or raincoat? Hmm... That still leave naked feet showing. Still better than seeing underwear underneath.

Thank you kindly for your help

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