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Looking for mod to remove background radiation in Glowing Sea


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As it says in the title, I'm looking for a mod that removes the constant background radiation from the Glowing Sea. I'm not concerned about the rad-storms, as there are weather mods that can block these from starting.

I seem to recall noting a mod, many moons ago, that would do this. However, as with my recent query regarding curved tunnel segments, it's just as possible that this mod is a figment of my imagination.

Any assistance will be met with thanks 🙂

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As I didn't know of a mod to remove radiation from the Glowing Sea, I waited to reply until someone who did know could answer the direct question. (Nice work, 363rd.)

But now that it's answered, I figured I'd explain what I do for places like the Glowing Sea where radiation is lethal to unarmored characters. I do not use armor. I haven't in the last 15 or more play throughs. I also don't use power armor or rad-x or radaway. But sometimes, either to make a film, or to explore, or to even do the main quest, I venture into the glowing sea. And to this end, I create an item which lets me take up to 75% radiation damage but then makes me immune to the last 25% so I don't die from radiation.

I use mashups in my game. If you or anyone makes your own mashups for your characters, begin by creating an Object Effect record such as the following. You may need to click it to open it up so it's not so blurry. I circled in red the part which creates the immunity I mentioned above.


And once you have the object effect record, you can add it to any piece of clothing or mashup you want. Here's an example in which I add this effect to French Nails (technially on a male character it's a nude hand, and on a female it's French Nails).


You can see there's a field in the Armor record called "EITM - Object Effect." If it's empty, just right click it to add the field then add the object effect you created. If it has another effect already, just exchange it for your new Object Effect.

This will let you explore the Glowing Sea without risk of death from Radiation.

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The radiation is tied to the weather AND the region. Once the region is removed it will notappear anymore and only for rad storms afaik 😉

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