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Game Crashing During the Iron Throne Fight

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So I'm doing a modded play through right now and so far I've had minimal bugs and nothing that broke the game, but now I've run into an issue in the Iron Throne fight, spoilers ahead for that area.


It works totally fine until I release Duke Ravenguard from his cell. I had Wyll break his pact with Mizora and the cutscene that creates for the Duke plays fine and then the spiders spawn behind the Duke. I think the problem is with the spiders trying to attack, but I'm not sure, it lets me play the Duke's turn and then goes to the next in combat and crashes. (I can get a video if needed)


I have a lot of mods that I will list at the end of this, and here are the workarounds I've tried;

  • Dismiss summons

  • Give Duke Ravenguard sanctuary, heal him, and put him in an invulnerable bubble

  • Dismiss extra party members

  • Have my party members close together, I thought the distance might be crashing it

I tried these together and separately, and none helped.


I imagine it's a mod issue, and I'm hoping someone has had a similar issue with similar mods and knows what caused it. Otherwise, I will have to try disabling my mods.

Mod list (in load order)

  • Action Resources

  • Additional Enemies

  • Astarion Dice Collection

  • Astarion's Earrings

  • ASTRL Hair Colors

  • ASTRL Natural Skintones

  • Basket Equipment NSFW

  • Best Boy (invincible Scratch)

  • Better Dual Wielding

  • Carry Weight Increased

  • Customizer

  • No More Dirt and Blood

  • Druid Wild Shape Overhaul

  • Fantastical Core

  • FoZ Patches for CC Races

  • Half Tieflings

  • Jerinski's Piercing Edits

  • Jerinski's Alt Hairs

  • Kv Camp Events

  • Loot Autoseller

  • More Reactive Companions

  • No Intro

  • No More Spiders

  • No Romance Limit

  • NPCs Don't Flee from Summons

  • Horn Colors

  • Party Limit Begone

  • Tav's Hairpack

  • Trips' Accessories

  • True Intiative

  • Vemperen's Other Heads

  • Vessnelle Hair 1, 2, and 3

  • 5e Spells

  • Stackable Items

  • Show Approval Rating in Dialogue Choices

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