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Help my brand new MSI Laptop suddenly stopped charging!!(SOLVED)

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13 hours ago, 363rdChemicalCompany said:

This I cannot do with a tablet

Yes, there are some drawbacks but when I was too ill to do anything much and too tired to make it out of bed (chemo does that) it was fine. I played Badur's Gate 1&2 (it's a different experience on the tablet.. strategy is limited). And I played The Room (1 and 2)  (Fireproof Games). It's a Myst-type game and the graphics are wonderful. It's really beautiful. Some of the puzzles from The Room took some solving in my befuddled state. 😄 I played it again some time afterwards and it was much much easier!

I played Fallout 3 and Vegas... but I never got anywhere with 4. Had a few attempts and gave it up as a lost cause. I just don't like it much in that world. But I do understand the fascination! It's just not for me. 

Anyway, I'll also say that had I realised that you and your belongings were a long distance apart, I'd have understood how and why you got upset! I hope they speed their way as soon as possible. You'll feel much better with your stuff around you!

BTW if I suddenly go quiet it's because our internet connection (ADSL) is really appalling at the moment. It drops out for hours on end. We may have to discuss it with the (non) service provider... I can get on sometimes long enough to read but not to post a reply. That may be a blessing for everyone else! 😛

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