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Dear God Please Help Me

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I have NO idea what is going on but I've now fruitlessly spent 5 hours straight trying to figure this out when I just wanted to play the game.

I know for a fact that before recently playing a multiplayer playthrough that my mods were working for single player. I don't know if that's important. I know that while I was playing multiplayer, all mods were working as they should.

I went to start a new single playthrough after getting off with my friend and NONE. OF. MY. MODS. WILL. SHOW. UP.

I swear I've done everything and hunted for any answers and I've found nothing. I've reinstalled the game, deleted and redownloaded all the mods, managed and stopped managing the game. I thought maybe mods WERE working and it was just a UI issue, so I downloaded the Plus UI thing which I'd previously removed and THAT WORKED. That mod was clearly being read as my UI was all sorts of altered. But none of the other stuff will show and I just cannot figure it out.

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