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I create my own game IWA Retro Adventure!

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A warm welcome to all!
I have been a member of this great community since 2012, and with this nickname (A100N) since 2015!
Therefore, after starting work on my platform game, I found that I have to write to you about it! 

Visually, the game is meant to be a mix of contemporary and retro 1980s style. My inspirations were such legends as "Giana sister's" and "Montezyma's revege".

On my DISCORD - https://discord.gg/5bznhntpdR You will be able to follow the progress on a dedicated channel!

From time to time I will attach there screenshots,from the game and descriptions of what I am currently working on. I would very much like my work in time to be released on the STEAM platform and available to everyone. But it is still a long way off!


Will it be characterized by the game?

0. "IWA Retro Adventure" (platform game).
1. It will force you to think about paving your way to the next board.
2. Simple locking mechanisms, doors, traps.
3. collecting "crystals" to accumulate points.
4. gathering experience, which will pay off with various bonuses.
5. a variety of monsters on the boards, some of which will have special properties. E.g. one of them will move faster and faster when our heroine collects blue crystals.
6. and much more!

Your support or comments will definitely motivate me further to work! However, please remember that I am working on the game on my own so during this work a lot is also new to me. This means that the work is moving forward at a steady pace, which is not very fast. This also has its advantages. Since we are doing something ourselves from a to z, we also have full control over it...I cordially invite you to watch the development of my game, and keep your fingers crossed!

Some screenshots!





Below is my first humble video showing a very early stage of the game's production! While walking through one of the boards!


A modest gift for those interested. 4 monsters appearing in the game! In PNG format. They can be used as, for example, Icons!

Keep in mind that this is an early stage of production, but it fills me with positive emotions, especially after the first closed tests on a dozen boards. However, many aspects of the game may change over time.


IWA Retro Adventure_Small_Gift.rar

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some NEW monsters. An opponent with a red crystal on his head, upon entering a red crystal on the board, takes 1pts. from the player's pool...



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